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BACnet Discovery Tool Adds Graphing

Contemporary Controls has added the ability to graph scanned points to the highly popular BACnet Discovery Tool (BDT) for use with BACnet networks. Newly released software version 2.14 allows multiple points to be graphed either individually or together. The BDT is a BACnet/IP application for Windows® that is easy to install and use. It is an excellent means for verifying communication with MS/TP devices that are being accessed through BACnet/IP routers such as those available from Contemporary Controls. As always, this tool is available for free.

An instruction sheet is provided on our website to assist you. After downloading the software and discovering your BACnet devices, check the box next to the devices you wish to graph, double-click the devices and select the objects in the device to be graphed. Set your scanning time and press the Scan button. On the scan screen you will see the values for all of your selected objects. Press pause and check the boxes for the points to be graphed and then press the graph button. The scanning will continue, and a graph window will also appear which shows the last 25 values of the points. To customize the graph right click the graph and utilize the pop-up menu. You can change the color of the lines, the type of point markings, and the thickness of the line. You can also add a grid to the graph. The scaling is automatic based on the values to be graphed for all points. A typical graph appears below.

Visit the BDT product page to download the latest BACnet Discovery Tool.


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