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BASstat Series Adds Remote Temperature Sensing

For anyone using or interested in our BASstat series of BACnet-compliant wired or wireless communicating thermostats, we now offer the ability to purchase an attractively packaged remote temperature sensor as an option. This accessory has been requested by numerous customers says Diego Mateo, our Technical Sales and Support Specialist. "The location where they want to install the thermostat (for the availability of the display) is not the best to capture a correct representation of the temperature in the room; either because of drafts, exposure to sunlight, near exterior doors, or close to equipment that creates hot or cold air. Customers love our thermostat but want the opportunity of "one stop shopping" for their entire BACnet thermostat application."

The BASstat series of BACnet-compliant wired or wireless communicating thermostats ensure effortless integration into BACnet/IP (Wi-Fi) or BACnet MS/TP (EIA-485) networks. These thermostats are suited for single or multi-stage heating, cooling, and ventilation binary output control applications such as RTU or AHU. Configurable control algorithm parameters allow adaptability to the specific application. Adaptive control algorithms applied to multi-stage on/off control saves energy and ensures seamless comfort for the occupants. An internal temperature sensor, an input for the remote temperature sensor, or temperature override from the Building Automation System provides flexibility. A built-in relative humidity sensor (in 221CH models) allows the thermostat to display relative humidity on the screen as well as serve as a BACnet object. Dew point calculation is also served as a BACnet object (no control action is taken based on humidity). Occupancy status can be set from thermostat buttons or over the BACnet network. The digital display with graphical icons is easy to use and understand.

The available high quality, injection molded indoor room temperature sensor comes in a sleek, low profile enclosure. A quick connect wiring system eliminates the need for wire nuts or other connection devices. The sensor fits a standard single gang box or mounts directly to the wall. An insulated back surface prevents possible skewed readings due to the mounting. Featuring an NTC type 3kΩ thermistor, the temperature sensor is directly compatible with any BASstat model. Accuracy is ±0.36°F (±0.2°C) over the entire indoor air temperature range.

For more information, visit the BASstat product page.


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