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Contemporary Controls is your ideal partner for applying network technology to your BACnet building automation project. The industry is embracing Ethernet connectivity to Direct Digital Controllers (DDC) along with open protocols such as BACnet, Modbus, and Sedona Framework. Access to the Internet is now assumed. Our products include BACnet/IP to BACnet MS/TP routers, BACnet/IP and Modbus TCP remote I/O devices, Modbus Serial to BACnet/ gateways, and Powered by Sedona Framework controllers. Also included are managed and unmanaged Ethernet switches and IP routers - all that is needed to attach your building automation equipment to an IP network.

Contemporary Controls is unique in the industry by supplying products that maximize the benefits of both BACnet and Ethernet. BACnet, an internationally recognized building automation standard, can take you from the field level to the Internet. With buildings pre-wired for Ethernet, BACnet/IP is the ideal choice for building automation systems. Ethernet is everywhere and understood by many. With BASautomation – Building on BACnet and CTRlink – Ethernet Built for Buildings, Contemporary Controls provides the system building blocks for networking, integrating and controlling your building.

BASautomation BACnet routers link IP networks to BACnet MS/TP. Gateways adapt other protocols such as Modbus to BACnet. BACnet/IP controllers Powered by Sedona Framework and Niagara Framework do the work. Once on Ethernet, the CTRLink family – with its collection of managed and unmanaged switches, media converters, wired and wireless IP routers – can complete the connectivity process. With locations around the world, and a reputation for technical support, Contemporary Controls will make your building automation projects successful.

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CTRLink's connectivity products facilitate the use of Ethernet in your automation project. Designed for unattended operation in environments not conducive to office grade equipment, CTRLink overcomes the challenges that Ethernet presents to the automation professional by providing convenient mounting in control panels, Class 2 power wiring, and reliability. Our repeating hub, switches, media converters and routers adhere to IEEE 802.3 standards and more. Specialty regulatory needs are addressed in selected models. From simple plug-and-play operation to fully-managed switch functionality, there is a model to meet any need.

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