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BAS Remote with PoE in a "Cool" Application

EICP8M Success StorySeptember 2010 - Sometimes being cool can be very important. Certain applications require maintaining the proper cool temperature to provide a useful consumable product. In these types of applications, besides maintaining the cool temperature, there often are reporting requirements for both governmental agencies and local quality controls to document the proper storage of products. Frequently, this reporting can be used in obtaining insurance discounts because product is closely monitored and spoilage is minimized.

It was in this type of environment that a BAS Remote was used to connect to 4 to 20 ma transmitters to obtain the temperature values and report them to a host controller. The temperature reporting allowed a periodic review of the temperatures to ensure that the values were within the correct range, and report any deviations that were out of tolerance, so that support personnel could react to the deviations.

The application consisted of individual standalone coolers that were independently controlled. Since there were no interconnections between the units, there was no existing wiring or network connections that could be used to bring data back to the host controller. The challenge was to provide the temperature data to the host controller in a cost effective manner.

Because the host controller was connected to an Ethernet network, it was determined that the easiest and most cost effective way to obtain the temperature data was to use the BAS Remote Master with Power over Ethernet (PoE).

The existing Ethernet switch ports were close to where the temperature data could be obtained. A PoE power injector was added at the site of the Ethernet switch, allowing both the power and data to coexist in a single cable routed to the BAS Remote. This "single cable" solution minimized the wiring by requiring only a single CAT 5 cable to be pulled. The BAS Remote utilizes the 48 VDC supplied by the PoE injector to power its electronics while converting 48 VDC to 24 VDC for use at the BAS Remote's Auxiliary Power Output. The Auxiliary Power Output provided power for the 4 to 20 ma transmitters. No additional AC to DC power conversion was needed.

BAS Remote Master with PoE made installation easy and extremely cost effective.

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