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Get Modbus Data up to the BACnet/IP Infrastructure Quickly and Easily

June 2012 - When our customers need to get Modbus data up to the BACnet/IP infrastructure without a lot of typing, programming or editing, they use the BASgatewayLX. The BASgatewayLX supports up to 30 Modbus serial devices with each device appearing as an individual BACnet device. Modbus device profiles for common Modbus devices are available from Contemporary Controls.

Configuring the BASgatewayLX is easy. Using your browser, open the BASgatewayLX home page. Select the "Configuration" tab and then "Add" a device. Perform the steps below.

BASgatewayLX Configuration

After submitting those quick, easy settings, the Modbus variables are now accessible as BACnet object instances.

Contemporary Controls has developed Modbus to BACnet device profiles in support of products manufactured by

  • Veris
  • Continental Control Systems (Wattnode),
  • Carlo Gavazzi,
  • Ingersoll Rand,
  • Yaskawa,
  • Northern Design
  • Renu Electronics
  • Kohler Power Systems
  • And more coming

Don't See what you need?
If you need a profile for a manufactures' device that you do not see listed please contact us, and we'll work with you to get it developed. The use of these profiles with the preselected polled variables is what allows the configuration to be quick and easy to implement. Please contact Joe Stasiek at or 630-963-7070 ext 116 to learn more.

In addition you can copy a profile if you have customized the polled variable list. You can add additional identical devices by using a unique Modbus address ID, and you can mix multiple manufacturers in the BASgatewayLX.

Virtual Routing
Using the concept of virtual BACnet routing, each uniquely addressed Modbus device appears as an individual BACnet device with a unique BACnet device instance assignment. Within the BACnet device are a collection of BACnet objects that relate to the Modbus data points. These points can be discovered by BACnet/IP controllers.

Want to learn more
Visit the BASgatewayLX product page or watch the BASgatewayLX configuration video.


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