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The BASview Goes Mobile

BASview and Mobile DevicesJune 2012 - Contemporary Controls recently released version 1.35b of the BASview firmware. This version resolved some minor BACnet issues. This version also provides the BASview with a smart phone interface.

In addition to the Flash based webpages which provide alarming, trending, scheduling, graphics and programming, 1.35b also provides a simple webpage for the viewing/modification of points and the viewing of alarms. This simple webpage is very well suited to smart phones. It does not require Flash support. It is a simple webpage and will work with virtually any web browser.

To use the smart phone interface, go to the IP address of the BASview and add a "/mobile" to the URL. For example, The web browser will then ask for your user ID and password. This is the same user ID and password as using the standard interface. Once you log in, you will see a table which contains all of the graphic pages within the BASview. You can select a graphic and then in the next table you can view or modify the points contained in the graphic. You can also view the BASview alarms.

"Many of our customers use both a laptop and a smart phone to monitor events," said Bennet Levine, R&D Manager at Contemporary Controls. "The new mobile screens have a faster load time and simplified graphics to make mobile access easy."

Because the BASview graphics are designed for desktop PCs, it may be difficult to view these via your smart phone, especially if you just want to view a couple of points or modify a point. The smart phone interface can be used to quickly see the status of the points within your system via your smart phone and to modify settings in your facility.

You can utilize your existing graphics or, because you can have many graphics in the BASview, you can create your own special pages for this feature.

To learn more about the BASview's mobile capabilities, please read the Tech Note: Going Mobile with the BASview .



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