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BASgatewayLX Enhancements

BASviewSeptember 2012 - The recently released BASgatewayLX has quickly become attractive to systems integrators because of its ease-of-use and the availability pre-defined energy meter device profiles. Based on customer feedback, we've continued to enhance the modbus to BACnet gateway and add more device profiles.

Firmware release 1.1.6 is now available and can be uploaded from our website. In this version, the data point group read has been expanded from 32 consecutive points to 125 consecutive points. This large group size allows reading sequential data points in the most efficient manner, providing quick variable update. As part of the testing 1000 sequential registers were updated in less than 2 seconds using a baud rate of 19,200.

The Modbus TCP routing function has been improved so that it interacts gracefully with the serial polling routines of the configured devices in the BASgatewayLX. The Modbus TCP communication request is now interrupt driven allowing the request to be entered into the serial poll queue as soon as it is received. This allows a timely response to the requesting host device to minimize timeouts or lost information. The regular polling then continues to provide updates to the BACnet variables of the configured devices in the BASgatewayLX.

Device Profiles continue to be built for new devices. Released in the last month are the following Modbus 2 Bacnet Device Profiles:

  • Carlo Gavazzi EM24 Meter
  • Caterpillar EMCP4 Interface
  • Danfoss FC102 Drive
  • Eaton EM21 Meter
  • Eaton PXM 2000 Meter
  • Fox Thermal Instruments FT2
  • Ingersoll Rand SSR Redeye Controller
  • Lochinvar Knight Armor Wall 51/55
  • Mitsubishi MUCM UPS 1100/2033/7011/9800/9900
  • PDI BMCSII, Wavestar, and Sub Distribution Breakers
  • Square D Power Logic 650
  • Wilo
  • Yaskawa J1000

If you have a need for a device profile please contact, Joe Stasiek at, or 630-963-7070 X116 and we can discuss its development.

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