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Contemporary Controls Gets Social

BASviewSeptember 2012 - We'll admit there was some heel dragging involved, but we are now officially and enthusiastically on Twitter and Facebook.

We aren't totally new to social media. For the past year, we've been putting videos on YouTube. There is a lack of educational videos about the basics in our field. Most of that beginner information is available as a print resource in our Learning Center, but we've used YouTube to reach out to a wider audience. Our recently released "Understanding BACnet" series is part of our attempt to provide useful, accurate educational videos for the industry.

On Facebook and Twitter, we have the opportunity to communicate to our customers more frequently than the monthly newsletter allows. We post and tweet about product updates, technical solutions and our trade show activities. Our goal is to make the social media platform as useful as possible for our customers.

If you're on Facebook, you can like us at

If you're on Twitter, follow us at

Our YouTube channel is

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