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Video: Sedona Wire Sheet Development for a BASremote

BASremote with Sedona FrameworkJanuary 2014 - The Sedona Wire Sheet Development Video Series provides an example on building a Sedona wire sheet in the BASremote. The application example is named "Monitoring a Refrigeration Unit". It is an application that monitors the refrigeration unit's temperature, and when it is too warm, that information is annunciated via a contact closure and an email message. The video series consists of three parts.

Part 1 defines the application requirement, shows how to configure the BASremote I/O channels for temperature input and relay closure, alarm set point using a virtual variable, and preparing the email message.

Part 2 shows the actual wire sheet development using BACnet object instance numbers, custom Contemporary Controls I/O components and email component, and some standard Sedona components. During the wire sheet development online monitoring of the solution is displayed.

Part 3 shows the use of the Contemporary Controls developed monitoring tool called BDT (Bacnet Discovery Tool available free on the website). This tool lets us monitor the values of the BASremote via BACnet/IP communication protocol as bacnet objects and write the appropriate objects with new values.

Begin watching Part 1 of the Sedona Wire Sheet Development Series.

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