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Creating a Web-Based Thermostat Using the BAScontrol20

AHR Expo 2013February 2014 - Because the newly released BAScontrol20 is a BACnet/IP (B-ASC) freely-programmable Sedona Framework® direct digital controller (DDC), it has the flexibility to implement any number of control schemes.

Using Niagara Workbench or Sedona Workbench connected to the BAScontrol20's Ethernet port, the systems integrator can personalize the BAScontrol20 by dragging and dropping Sedona components onto a wire sheet. Using "soft wires" (links) to interconnect components; an application program is created - meeting the requirements of the project. Anyone with knowledge of Niagara Framework® would be comfortable with the process. Those with just a basic knowledge of Sedona Framework would benefit from knowing how this process is accomplished.

To demonstrate the BAScontrol20's flexibility, Contemporary Controls has published an application note that describes the process of creating an application called a Web Thermostat using both standard and custom Sedona components and web pages. The only assumption is that the systems integrator has access to a web browser and knows how to utilize either the Niagara or Sedona Workbench tool to program the BAScontrol20 through its Ethernet port.

View the Application Note or visit the product page to learn more about the BAScontrol20.

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