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Did You Know: Three Quick Facts About Our BASautomation Products

March 2014 - Did You Know that BASrouters used in pairs can extend your MS/TP wiring?
For example if you have a new building or a remote location and you would like to extend your MS/TP wiring to the new location, you can use a pair of BASrouters over an existing Ethernet link between the locations. This way you can extend your MS/TP cabling without having to pull new wires. Minimize the cost and provide the connection in a timely fashion.

BASrouters used in pairs

This approach uses existing wiring, minimizing any additional cost of pulling wire.

Did You Know that BASremotes can exchange data by acting as peers?

BASremotes acting as peers

By utilizing the Modbus TCP protocol and a Modbus polling profile, BASremotes can exchange data. For example if one of the BASremotes is reading outside air temperature that value can be read by the other BASremotes on the network. All BASremotes can have access to all the I/O points and virtual values in each of the BASremotes. The ability to read data from each BASremote in addition to having the Sedona logic to manipulate the data provides a powerful solution for many applications.

Did You Know that BASview now provides support for mobile devices?
Most mobile devices would have difficulty showing the graphics and trends from a BASview, therefore a simple spreadsheet-like view can be seen from the BASview which allows a user to see the status of points, write to points and view Alarms. There are no special screens or programming required for this type of view. All of the points contained in any graphic will be shown in this manner. This capability is available in version 1.35b or greater.

BASview and Mobile Devices

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