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Sedona Framework® Demo Box Application Note

Light+buildingMarch 2014 - The Sedona Framework Demo Box provides a convenient means of familiarizing a person with the capabilities of Sedona Framework and the BAScontrol20 - a 20-point BACnet/IP Sedona Field Controller. They are used here at Contemporary Controls for internal training. For those without access to the demo box, one can easily be constructed following the information in our recently published application note.

By following the instructions in the application note, a person can learn much about the BAScontrol20 or Sedona Framework in general.

The demo box has been pre-wired and pre-programmed so that the user can experience the execution of programs loaded into the BAScontrol20. The pre-loaded application can be modified at will to test different sequences which can be saved to an attached Workbench tool. The default application - called Demo Box - can be reloaded if necessary. For those interested in constructing a demo box, the pre-loaded Sedona application is available for download from Contemporary Controls' web site. For those without a demo box who just want to test some applications, all IO points - including virtual points - can be forced using web pages thereby allowing most applications to be tested without the need for physical input and output devices.

View the full application note PDF here.

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