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Diving into the World of DDC Programming

Vietti TrainingAugust 2015 - Members of Contemporary Controls recently participated in a multi-day training session with Jon Vietti, a DDC Controls Instructor and Specialist, to learn about possible applications for the soon-to-be released BAScontrol22, a freely-programmable unitary controller for HVAC systems.

When asked why he started teaching, Vietti stated that he has "a desire to see students maximizing their ability to do their job which requires effective education." Vietti continued by saying, "one of the things that's very important to me is that students get trained on the most current technology and the most modern equipment."

Through Vietti's instruction, team members were able to learn the inner workings of various HVAC systems, as well as how to better leverage Niagara AX and Sedona programming frameworks. Both object-oriented programming frameworks, Sedona and Niagara AX offer users the ability to create custom applications to meet their HVAC system's needs. To help the engineers increase their knowledge of Sedona and Niagara AX, Vietti brought along custom trainer kits which allowed the engineers to simulate actual environmental conditions that systems would see on a regular basis. In addition to simulating regular environments, Vietti's trainer kits also enabled the engineers to program their systems for emergency situations, like active fire alarms.

During the training, Vietti discussed many of the benefits the BAScontrol22 has over competing technologies. One such benefit that Vietti referenced was the size of the BAScontrol22 unit. At just 25 millimeters deep, the BAScontrol22 unit enables HVAC technicians to better fit it into smaller spaces such as an RTU.

In order to help our engineers continue to build their understanding of the Niagara AX and Sedona Frameworks, Vietti left engineers two trainer kits as well as a student workbook titled "DDC Training: Level 1, Introduction to Direct Digital Controls: HVAC Focus." Designed to help educate users at all skill and knowledge levels, which, according to Vietti, is one of the most challenging parts of teaching the course, the workbook is comprised of 12 activities and lessons that begin by introducing the technology in the trainer kits and scale all the way up to designing your own DDC control operation.

To learn more about DDC trainers and training programs visit The BAScontrol22 is in product development. When it is released, it will join the BAScontrol20 in the BACnet/IP Sedona Field Controller family.

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