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Did You Know? Web Components Link Wire Sheets to Web Pages

August 2015 - A feature unique to the BAScontrol20 - a 20 point BACnet/IP Sedona Unitary Controller - is the use of web components. Web components provide a means for the user to manipulate a variable on the Sedona wire sheet without the need of a Workbench tool. There are 48 web components that are viewable from eight web pages hosted by the BAScontrol20. Using just a web browser, the user can remotely change a setpoint, or change the operating mode, while monitoring performance of the controller. Wire SheetThis allows maintenance personal with no knowledge of Sedona Framework to make operational changes to controller settings without the need of a Niagara Workbench tool or a Sedona tool.

Initially, the systems integrator develops the Sedona control logic using the Workbench tool. Web components are custom components that reside in the CControls_ BASC20_Web kit which is available from the Contemporary Controls web site. Using the properties view, each of the 48 available web components can be configured as an input to the wire sheet or an output from the wire sheet. As an input, restrictions can be placed on the input range eliminating the need to add limit range logic in the Sedona wire sheet. Floats, integers or binary variables are supported. Simply treat the web components as any other Sedona component when connecting components together.

Using the web browser, you can assign a description to each web component making it easy for the user to understand the function of each of the 48 ports. Once all changes are made and the logic verified, it can be locked down and saved using BASbackup in order to have a complete copy of the Sedona logic, BACnet settings and web page settings. The user will just access the controller by its IP address and make operational changes using a web browser. This a good way to take a freely-programmable controller like the BAScontrol20 and make it into a configurable or application specific controller where the control program is locked-down but configuration changes can still be made.

Web Components
One of the eight web component web pages. Value settings can be made using a web browser.

Visit the BAScontrol20 product page to learn more.

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