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Understanding Sedona Kits and Kit Manifests

Info Sheet: Sedona KitsSeptember 2016 - Contemporary Controls recently published a new Info Sheet titled, "Understanding Sedona Kits and Kit Manifests". This document explains the concept of kits and kit manifests as they relate to the sharing of hardware-independent components.

According to the site, a kit is the basic unit of modularity in the Sedona Framework. Kits contain one or more components and it is the components that are assembled onto a wire sheet and linked together to form applications. If a system integrator wants to use a particular component in an application, that component must be part of a kit installed on the target Sedona device. If the kit is missing, in most instances it is possible to load that kit into the Sedona device using the Kit Manager found in a Sedona tool such as Niagara Workbench or Sedona Application Editor (SAE).

Modularity of kits is important if the Sedona community is to share components among its members. Contemporary Controls is a Sedona community member and offers its hardware independent kits to Sedona community members in the form of a component bundle. This bundle is to be installed in the member's Sedona tool.

To learn more, read the full Info Sheet PDF and visit our Sedona Technology page.

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