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The Need for Speed and Diagnostics

Diagnostic SwitchSeptember 2016 - Contemporary Controls is introducing the unmanaged EISK8-GT/H 8 port gigabit Ethernet switch with hub functionality. Yes, we purposely "broke" the address learning functionality of the switch so that all messages - directed, multicast, broadcast - are flooded to all ports on the switch allowing a protocol analyzer tool such as Wireshark® the ability to observe all traffic on the network. We kept the best part of the switch functionality by maintaining the auto-negotiation of the data rate at 10/100/1000 Mbps and allowing a straight through or cross-over cable on a per port basis.

This switch will be in use when the CCSI staff attends the BACnet International Plugfest 2016 at the InterOperability Lab at the University of New Hampshire, Durham, New Hampshire. This event permits CCSI to test their BACnet products with BACnet devices from many vendors working together to improve BACnet implementation in a neutral and friendly environment. Sometimes it becomes very important to be able to view the communication packets to determine why BACnet devices are not responding properly. With the diagnostic switch on the communications wire and the sniffer set up to listen the "what is wrong with it" is easier to discover and fix.

So in your field work if communication problems sometimes cause you serious grief the EISK8-GT/H is the tool to help you resolve the issues. If you prefer a smaller diagnostic switch, there is a 5 port gigabit model EISK5-GT/H or the 5 port 10/100 model EISK5-100T/H. For more information please visit the Diagnostic Switch page.

Other interesting informational diagnostic pages include:


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