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Visit Booth C1458 at AHR 2017

SPS 2016January 2017 - We're looking forward to getting your feedback on our new products being unveiled during AHR Expo 2017 in Las Vegas. We're showcasing our concept of a truly open controller. In addition, we have our popular Modbus to BACnet gateways for fast and easy Modbus commissioning. We'll be showing our BACnet Routers and talk about our partnership with Visual BACnet for simplified MS/TP troubleshooting. For those of you interested in Remote Access, our new EIGR series of Skorpion Gigabit IP Routers allow you to create secure VPN remote access to your devices on the job site. The entire product portfolio is focused on innovative building automation solutions that leverage our expertise in both BACnet and Ethernet.

Truly Open BACnet Controllers Built on the Sedona Framework

There are many BACnet controllers on the market which utilize a closed/restricted programming tool with a proprietary programming language. Our concept of a truly open controller is to have an open protocol – BACnet, an open source drag and drop component based programming language - Sedona, as well as an unrestricted programming tool - our free Sedona Application Editor. Our BAScontrol family of products provide all of the features necessary for a truly open controller. Learn more.

BASgatewayLX — Modbus to BACnet® Converter

Modbus remains a popular network interface. It is commonly found on jobs such as boiler control, variable speed drives, and metering applications, but these devices lack BACnet compliance. To make Modbus devices appear as individual BACnet devices, a BASgatewayLX, with over 100 device profiles available, is the solution. Learn more.

BAS Router — BACnet® Multi-Network Router

Contemporary Controls provides several BACnet routing solutions for your integration requirements. All BASrouters provide stand-alone routing between BACnet networks such as BACnet/IP, BACnet Ethernet, and BACnet MS/TP — thereby allowing the system integrator to mix BACnet network technologies within a single BACnet internetwork. Learn more.

NEW! EIGR series of Skorpion Gigabit IP routers

The Contemporary Controls EIPR/EIGR series of products allow you to create secure VPN remote access to your devices at the job site. The EIGR, acting as a VPN server, is installed in your office with direct Internet access. An EIGR or EIPR, acting as a VPN client, is installed at each job site. It can be behind firewalls and use wired or cellular (EIGR-Cx) networks to communicate with the EIGR. Once installed they provide a secure VPN connection between each other providing you with secure, remote access to the job site. Learn more.

See you in booth C1458!

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