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BACnet Discovery Tool Better Than Ever

BDTThe popular BACnet Discovery Tool (BDT) has several new features available for download.

For those unfamiliar, BDT is a free BACnet/IP application for Windows that is easy to install and use. The vendor-neutral tool is instrumental as a means of discovering and verifying communication with MS/TP devices that are being accessed through BACnet/IP routers such as the BASrouter or the BASrouterLX. To prove our routers operate with different equipment configurations, we here at Contemporary Controls use BDT with equipment from various BACnet vendors.

This latest version of our BACnet Discovery Tool, 2.13, has several new features. Some of these new features are specific to our line of Cube I/O BACnet Modules, but can be used on other BACnet devices which support the functionality. This release provides an enhanced BACnet software tool for device discovery and configuration.

BDT 2.13.01 Release notes:

  • Added ability to write to Object Name property
  • Added ability to write to Object Id property
  • Added ability to view the Priority Array of an object
  • Added ability to write to the Relinquish Default value in the Priority Array of an object
  • Added ability to view the Max Master Device Object Property
  • Visual improvements to the Discovered Devices list

If you are already using BDT, you should have received an email with a link to the download. If you are a new user, go to the BDT product page to register for this free download.


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