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New BASrouterLX Model Meets Customer Demands

BASrouterLXWe always appreciate when our customers contact us with suggestions for product enhancements. In the case of our popular BASrouterLX, we had one customer contact us because they loved the router but weren’t able to use it on a particular job site because of the DIN-rail mount design. The customer needed a flat panel mount, which is sometimes a requirement when the electrical panel depth is very shallow.

Luckily, our engineering team was able to quickly design a panel mount and manufacture it for our customer. We often mention that we design and manufacture our products, but situations like this really demonstrate how much we enjoy being able to design the solution, immediately create it on our factory floor and ship it out the door by end of business day.

We encourage all our customers to get in touch with us if they think one of our products would work for a jobsite if only there was "one small adjustment". Our engineers love a challenge and they love to hear how products are being used in the field.

In case you are interested in the flat panel mount BASrouterLX, it’s now available for the same price as the DIN-rail mount. Learn more on the BASrouterLX product page. And keep sending us those product innovation suggestions!


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