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Complete Ethernet Support for Your Machine

For those of you attending SPS IPC Drives in Nuremberg, Germany this November, be sure to visit us in booth 10.0-141 to see our Ethernet solutions that help you complete your machine for the factory floor. We will be showcasing our IP routers that provide easy integration of your machine at the customer’s site. We provide a complete remote access solution so you can diagnose machine problems remotely. We provide your machine with hardened interconnectivity of its Ethernet communications.

EIPR IP RouterOur IP routers allow your machine to utilize its own set of factory-configured IP addresses and allows your customer to access your machine using any desired IP address. As a machine builder, this frees you from changing IP addresses within your machine during install. The use of same configuration across different machine cells and application reduces setup time and eliminates troubleshooting associated with changing IP addresses. The use of an IP router also reduces the number of IP addresses required from the IT department and keeps the machine traffic restricted to its local subnet while the required access to any machine device can be easily achieved with the use of Port Forwarding or NAT.

A secure encrypted remote access solution can be achieved with the EIGR or EIPR router, acting as a VPN client at the jobsite, connecting via the RemoteVPN service offered by Contemporary Controls. The EIGR, acting as a VPN server, can be installed in your office with direct Internet access in-lieu of the RemoteVPN service. Once installed, they provide a secure VPN connection between each other providing you with secure, remote access to the job site. This makes machine maintenance and diagnostics an easy task and works with any IP device. Contemporary Controls provides a variety of wired, wireless, cellular and VPN IP routers in the EIPR/EIGR product series. Our new EIGR line of Gigabit IP routers now allows for faster speeds and higher data throughput. The EIGR IP VPN router family consists of wired secure VPN client/server features (EIGR-V), and cellular with secure VPN client features (EIGR-C) models.

Our Industrial Ethernet switches are hardened for the extreme environment of your machine. Our rugged metal cases, DIN rail mounting and hardened Ethernet signaling provide the best way to interconnect Ethernet devices within your machine. CTRLink Ethernet switches are designed for unattended operation in environments not conducive to office-grade equipment. Unmanaged switches provide a simple, cost-effective method of expanding Ethernet networks. If no fiber optic ports are available on equipment to be connected, a media converter will do the trick. For more demanding applications, managed switches provide advanced features such as VLANs, SNMP, Quality of Service, port security, port mirroring, alarming and cable redundancy. For troubleshooting, the diagnostic switch allows a network sniffer to attach to an unused port on a switch and observe all traffic on the network.

Finally, don’t leave your ARCNET machine behind. The AI-SRVR allows for connectivity between an ARCNET network and an Ethernet network giving a client on the Ethernet side access to nodes on the ARCNET.

See you at booth 10.0-141!


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