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New BASrouter and BASpi Products Showcased at AHR 2020

We're looking forward to seeing you AHR 2020 in Orlando, Florida, February 3-5. Be sure to stop by booth 681 in the Building Automation and Control Showcase sector to see our suite of BACnet-compliant and BTL Listed products. Contemporary Controls remains your source for innovative, trusted solutions that allow you to build on BACnet.

Can't wait for the show? Here's a preview of some of our hot new products:

NEW! BASpi Controllers

The BASpi Series includes next generation controllers built on open hardware and open software technologies. It harnesses the power of the popular Raspberry Pi, making it one of the most powerful controller platforms in the building automation market today. Contemporary Controls has designed a series of BASpi controllers by enhancing and ruggedizing the Raspberry Pi to a building automation controller. Packaged in a compact DIN 4 housing with industry standard screw terminals and power input, three BASpi versions exist:

  • A 6-universal input – 6-relay output for general purpose control applications.
  • A 6-universal input – 4-relay and 2-analog output BACnet server controller for control applications such AHUs, FCUs, and heat pumps.
  • A BASpi BACnet Client Controller (BCC) with an isolated EIA-485 port for direct connection to BACnet MS/TP network devices. It also functions as a BACnet to Azure cloud gateway with the ability to make any BACnet device a cloud-connected device.

The BASpi Controller family is perfect for energy management and optimization applications deemed too difficult to automate in the past.

NEW! BASrouterCX

The BASrouterCX eliminates the need to have two separate devices – an IP router and a BACnet router by combining their functionality. The built-in cellular modem provides easy integration of remote sites such as rooftop units, allowing predictive rather than reactive maintenance.

The BASrouterCX is a high-performance BACnet router providing stand-alone routing between BACnet networks such as BACnet/IP, BACnet Ethernet (ISO 8802-3), and BACnet MS/TP. Besides its high-speed processor, it has advanced features such as MS/TP Backbone, Backward Routing, Allowlist option for enhanced security, MS/TP slave proxy support (allowing auto-discovery of MS/TP slaves) and MS/TP frame capture and storage for use with Wireshark®. As a BBMD, up to 50 BDT and 147 FDR entries can be supported. The BASrouterCX has three communication means – a 10/100 Mbps BACnet/IP Ethernet port, an optically-isolated EIA-485 port for MS/TP and a 4G LTE network port for wireless communication. Router configuration is accomplished via web pages.

Ethernet Infrastructure Products

The Skorpion Series of Ethernet and IP products simplify integration of BACnet/IP devices to the network. Contemporary Controls offers a range to products from simple plug-and-play Ethernet switches, diagnostic switches to troubleshoot networks using Wireshark to Managed Switches offering SNMP and redundancy via RSTP. Secure Remote Access solutions include IP routers and VPN over wired and cellular networks for data mining, remote diagnostics or commissioning – saving valuable time.

Be sure to add Booth 681 to your AHR 2020 Show Planner.


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