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New BACnet to EnOcean Gateway Provides Seamless Communication Between EnOcean and BACnet/IP

enocean to bacnet gatewayContemporary Controls has expanded its line of BASautomation gateways to help systems integrators incorporate EnOcean wireless devices into their BACnet systems. Our new bidirectional EnOcean to BACnet Gateway provides a flexible building block for integrating EnOcean wireless devices without any special tools or software.

EnOcean technology provides high flexibility through ease of use and installation. EnOcean devices harness energy from surrounding sources, such light, temperature differentials, or mechanical motion, and provide energy efficient, wireless communication and data transfer between devices which improves the performance of building automation systems and the smart buildings they support. Devices are upgradable, expandable, and flexible to relocate at any time.

Thanks to virtual routing technology, our EnOcean to BACnet Gateway seamlessly discovers and connects to EnOcean devices and makes them appear as individual BACnet-compliant devices.

The gateway creates a set of BACnet objects, specific for each EnOcean Equipment Profile (EEP), and decodes the received EnOcean data into standard BACnet objects, such as analog inputs for temperatures, humidity, and light levels, and multistate objects for EnOcean values that represent multiple states. This allows easy integration to the BACnet system, saving the head-end from decoding the transmitted EnOcean data.

The gateway features EnOcean device discovery with built-in EEP and web-page configuration using a common web browser. There are no external tools required for configuration. This allows EnOcean devices to be easily combined with BACnet devices and supervisors into one automation system.

Remote commissioning facilitates installation of EnOcean devices. Using remote commissioning, the gateway can configure EnOcean output devices to be controlled by specific input devices, eliminating the time-consuming manual linking process. The gateway can also remotely configure EnOcean devices which support EnOcean remote configuration.

Two model are available, featuring:

  • 902 MHz for the North American market
  • 868 MHz for the European and Chinese market

All models include an SMA connector that supports a stick antenna or an antenna with 2 m cable for mounting the antenna outside the control cabinet. Antennas are sold separately.

The gateway can be DIN-rail or panel mounted requiring one 10/100 Mbps Ethernet connection, and 24 VAC/VDC power. Its half-wave rectified power supply allows sharing of power with other half-wave devices.

To learn more, visit our EnOcean to BACnet Gateway product page.


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