Learning Center Networked Controls


Introduction to ControlExtension Article: Introduction to Control
In the next few issues of the Extension, we are going to step back quite a bit from our in-depth discussion of technology in order to explain to laymen the industry we serve. We hope that people in your organization will benefit from some basic knowledge of our industry.

Implementation of a Control ProjectExtension Article: Implementation of a Control Project
In the last Extension article entitled, "Introduction to Control," we introduced some basic control systems concepts. We discussed the topic of measurement and the role of input and output transducers within either an open or closed-loop control system. Now we will examine how control systems are actually implemented in industry.

Introduction to Industrial NetworkingExtension Article: Introduction to Industrial Networking
In the last two articles we discussed some basic control system concepts. The systems mentioned were centralized control systems in that a single controller had directly attached to it input and output devices. This is the most common implementation of a control system found in the industry. The centralized controller would act upon the state of the various input devices and setpoints by manipulating outputs to achieve the desired result.