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Sedona White PaperWhite Paper: Creating an Open Controller with Sedona Framework
The Sedona Framework trademark is owned by Tridium, Inc. but can be used by acknowledging the owner. More importantly, the Sedona Framework technology is available to the public under an Academic Free License granted by the licensor—Tridium, Inc. A licensee is allowed the worldwide, royalty-free and non-exclusive use of the technology. For those who want to be part of the Sedona Community, software and documentation is available for download from sedonadev.org. Contemporary Controls is a community member and views this technology as the best hope in creating a truly open controller.

Sedona Slide ShowPresentation: Built on the Sedona Framework™ – Using Sedona to Create an Open Controller
A presentation based on articles and white papers published by Contemporary Controls. Learn about Contemporary Controls' vision for an open controller and the creation of a Sedona community.

Sedona Slide ShowPresentation: Understanding Sedona 1.2 Components
With Sedona release 1.2.28, Tridium added, modified and reorganized their components and kits. Contemporary Controls re-distributes these Tridium kits without modification and therefore they can be used on all Contemporary Controls' Sedona products. Custom components and kits are not addressed in this presentation.

Sedona Component DescriptionsApplication Note: Sedona 1.2 Component Descriptions
Developed by Tridium Inc., Sedona Framework™ is a software environment designed to make it easy to build smart, networked, embedded devices which are well suited for implementing control applications. The system integrator's role is to create an application by assembling components onto a wire sheet using graphical programming tools such as Niagara Workbench or a third-party Sedona Tool. Applications are then executed by a Sedona Virtual Machine (SVM) resident in Contemporary Controls' BASremote or BAScontrol family of controllers.

Sedona KitsApplication Note: Sedona 1.2 Components from Tridium's Kits
This application note assists in the understanding of the Sedona components provided in Tridium's Sedona-1.2.28 release. Some of the Sedona components were changed or added since the previous release. New with the 1.2 release is that the Sedona components, previously concentrated in one Control kit, are now organized in smaller kits under a functional name.

Sedona EssentialsEssentials Article: Introduction to Tridium's Sedona Framework
For those who understand Tridium's Niagara Framework, understanding Sedona Framework would be trivial. However, the market for Sedona Framework goes beyond the traditional HVAC market that Niagara Framework serves. Sedona Framework is intended to provide a complete development environment for devices with limited resources. The Java environment of Niagara Framework requires resources well beyond the capability of small devices but much of the Niagara concepts have been transferred down to Sedona Framework thereby allowing small devices to execute sophisticated control. While the BAS Remote is not a limited resource device, Sedona Framework executes nicely on this platform.