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Understanding Remote Access VPN Options
Contemporary Controls offers three VPN solutions to meet your remote access needs. This webinar explains the differences between the three options. (16:42)

Skorpion IP Routers and Uses
This webinar shows viewers how to set-up an IP router and explains IP router features, including Firewall, Port Forwarding, Port Range Forwarding and NAT. (32:35)

EnOcean to BACnet Gateway Webinar
This webinar goes into detail about how the bi-directional EnOcean to BACnet gateway functions. EnOcean wireless energy-harvesting devices are freely-positionable, self-powered, and suitable for retrofits and newly constructed buildings. EnOcean technology provides high flexibility through ease of use and installation. Devices are upgradable, expandable, and flexible to relocate at any time. (14:35)

Economizer Supervisor
This webinar explains the basics of both economizers and supervisors, then provides a preview of the new Economizer Supervisor. (10:45)

Embedded Linux — A Standardized Platform for IP Applications

At Haystack Connect 2013, George Thomas, President of Contemporary Controls, presented Embedded Linux — a Standardized Platform for IP Applications which highlighted the next wave of hardware advances that are transforming price points, system architectures and redefining "the possible". (20:58)