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Remote Access for Your JACE

JACE VPNApril 2014 - Our EIPR-V wireless router provides a secure VPN connection to the JACE in conjunction with our BAScloudVPN cloud service.

Traveling to a job site to conduct a service call can be expensive and unproductive especially when the problem can be resolved remotely. Having remote access to the JACE is extremely important with saving time and improved troubleshooting responsiveness. There are several ways this can be accomplished with either a wired or a wireless solution that does not compromise network security.

With the JACE's two Ethernet ports, one port can be utilized for the building control network and the second port for remote communications. Connecting the second port to our EIPR-V router, when connected to our BAScloudVPN cloud service, provides access to the JACE from an office or other remote locations.

When using more than one JACE, all of the second JACE ports can be networked together to create a remote access network that can be accessed through the EIPR-V. The EIPR-V can communicate via cellular networks, through the addition of a USB cellular modem, or via its Ethernet port - if Internet access is available.

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