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Easily Network Your JACE

JACE NetworkApril 2014 - The JACE has two Ethernet ports. Protocols such as BACnet/IP and Modbus TCP utilize Ethernet. Ethernet offers a choice of speed - up to 1GB - and a choice of cabling options - twisted pair and fiber optics.

Contemporary Controls produces a line of Ethernet switches branded as CTRLink® that fit nicely in the panel with the JACE.

Our cost-effective, compact EISK5-100T, 10/100 Mbps 5 port switch, can expand the JACE's number of connections allowing for the configuration and /or programing of the JACE without needing to remove cables from the JACE. The 100 Mbps performance on the ports accommodates a range of control devices and workstations commonly found in automation projects. For 10 Mbps legacy devices, the switch will automatically reduce its port-speed accordingly.

Our diagnostic switches, which includes our EISK5-100T/H diagnostic switch, easily allows tools such as Wireshark® to capture the communications between the JACE and any connected Ethernet devices.

Standard switches will not allow protocol analyzers such as Wireshark to capture most of the communications between Ethernet devices.

The EISK5-100T/H diagnostic switch will allow a PC running Wireshark® to capture all communications between the JACE and connected devices.

Managed switches allow you to manage your network. Our line of managed switches provide diagnostic information for Ethernet communications and allow for the creation of redundant Ethernet networks for greater reliability.

With the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), the JACE can be used to monitor Ethernet networks. All Contemporary Controls' managed Ethernet switches support SNMP. The managed switches incorporate an SNMP agent that provides a wealth of information on the health of the network. With a SNMP client or Network Management Station, you can query the SNMP agents in managed switches - turning the JACE into a manager.

For wireless network communications, our EIPR-E router can be used to create a WiFi access point for the JACE allowing WiFi devices to communicate with it. The EIPR-E IP router is perfect for automation systems and for job sites that require IP router wireless access. Wireless connectivity is accomplished through the USB port.

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