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Easily Control Your JACE - Single Tool Solution

JACE NetworkApril 2014 - Niagara Workbench™ is an indispensable solution for programming and maintaining a Niagara system however, it is seldom used with field controllers because the controllers do not incorporate Niagara.

With Contemporary Controls' line of Sedona controllers, the BAScontrol20 and BASremote, the Niagara Workbench™ tool can be used with both Niagara and Sedona controllers greatly simplifying commissioning/programming - thus making the Niagara Workbench™ a one-tool solution.

Our BAScontrol20 - 20-point Powered by Sedona Framework™ field controller provides a direct connection to an Ethernet network. It is the perfect solution for structured wiring systems; the BAScontrol20 is BACnet/IP compliant with a B-ASC device profile. Having a resident Sedona Virtual Machine (SVM), the unit is freely programmable using tools mentioned - Niagara Workbench or Sedona Workbench™.

Our BASremote - BACnet/IP Controller/Gateway BASremote provides the system integrator a flexible building block when integrating diverse building automation protocols or when expanding the number of points in a building automation system. The BASremote supports BACnet/IP and Sedona Framework™ (SOX). For small systems, it can operate stand-alone. For larger systems, it can communicate to supervisory controllers via Ethernet. The BASremote can also act as a gateway for Modbus-RTU/Modbus TCP devices to BACnet.

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