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BAScontrol20 Firmware Version 3.1 Released

BAScontrol20June 2015 - Contemporary Controls recently released firmware version 3.1 for the BAScontrol20 Sedona Open Unitary Controller. Built on the Sedona Framework, Contemporary Controls has developed more than 100 custom Sedona components which complement the standard Tridium-developed Sedona 1.2 components that reside within the device. Unique to the BAScontrol20 are 48 Web Components that allow wire sheet data to be read and written from a common web browser. With firmware 3.1, virtual points - which allow wire sheet data to be read and written from a BACnet client - have been expanded to 24.

Contemporary Controls defines an open controller as follows:

  • Utilizes an open protocol for network communications
  • Supports an open programming language for implementing control strategies
  • Provides a programming tool that is available to systems integrators without restriction
  • Fosters a community of developers and integrators that share technology for the public good


"The BAScontrol20 Firmware Release 3.1 is our commitment to open control technology that is both practical and easy to apply. Based upon open standards such as the Internet protocol for communications, BACnet for data definitions, and Sedona for control, the BAScontrol20 represents a truly open controller. In fact, many of the new features came from those in the Sedona community," states Bennet Levine, R & D manager.

The BAScontrol20, 20-point BACnet/IP Sedona Open Unitary Controller supports both BACnet/IP and Sedona Framework (SOX) protocols via an Ethernet connection. It complies with the BACnet B-ASC device profile having eight universal inputs, four binary inputs, four analog outputs and four binary outputs (relay or triac). The device is a freely-programmable controller executing Sedona's drag-and-drop methodology of assembling components onto a wire sheet to create applications. It can be programmed using Niagara Workbench or a third-party Sedona programming tool; or configured for BACnet/IP remote I/O applications using a common web browser. A free Sedona Project Backup and Restore utility called BASbackup is available for saving all project data including program, configuration and web page data.

There are no hardware changes on the BAScontrol20 and it is possible to re-flash existing controllers in the field by first contacting Contemporary Controls' technical support. The following is a list of new features found in firmware version 3.1.

  • Virtual points increased from 8 to 24 points - Sedona and BACnet readable and writable
  • Universal Input options expanded - 20kΩ thermistor, and a 1-100kΩ resistance range
  • CControls Function Kit added - 16 new components including Psychrometric (SI/English)
  • Additional Change-of-Value (COV) subscriptions - 14 binary and 2 analog in total
  • Increased performance and larger application memory space - supports larger app.sab
  • More informative web pages - all points identified by BACnet name and color-coded by function
  • Network Time Server can be found by domain name - easy access to pooled NTP servers
  • Improved Universal Counter (UC) component - mimics Sedona counter but with persistent memory
  • The BASbackup Sedona Project utility easier to use - not dependent upon the Workbench tool

All new BAScontrol20 orders include the added features found in release 3.1 and will be shipped with no increase in product pricing ($295.00). There is no licensing required or restrictions to purchase or use theBAScontrol20. For more information on the BAScontrol20 controller with firmware version 3.1, visit the product BAScontrol20 product page.

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