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"Network Communications for Buildings" Continues to Receive Praise

Network Comm BookJune 2015 - Our recent, free publication titled Network Communications for Buildings continues to receive praise within the industry. The publication is a collection of technical articles we have published over the years to educate readers on best practices. All the articles have been updated to the latest practice so now the best material on network communications can be found in one concise book.

"I've been in the Building Automation industry on the networking side for about the last 22 years and this guide is one of the best resources that I've seen," said Curtis McCormick of Alps Controls, one of our trusted distributors.

The intention of Network Communications for Buildings is to present the material in a commercial-free format in keeping with the mission of the open-systems movement.

Network Communications for Buildings includes coverage of the following technologies: EIA-485 Physical Layer, Shared Ethernet, Switched Ethernet, Ethernet with Fiber Optic Cabling, Power over Ethernet (PoE), Internet Protocol (IP), Transmission Control Protocol (TCP), Subnetting IP Networks, Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN), Spanning Tree Protocol (STP), Modbus, and BACnet. It also includes applications about using Managed Switches and using IP Routers. It concludes with troubleshooting advice and a glossary of terms.

Click here to download your free copy.

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