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Recent Trade Events Highlight Contemporary Controls' Open Source Technology

George Thomas Delivers Product Presentation at Haystack Connect 2015

Our friends at ControlTrends, Eric Stromquist and Ken Smyers caught up with Contemporary Controls' George Thomas at the recent 2015 Haystack Connect conference and shot a product presentation video.

From viewing the video, you will see that several of Contemporary Controls' products integrate very nicely with the Haystack standard. The Haystack Standard addresses one of the key challenges facing the industry today - the ability for device data to be easily shared among different applications.

Project Haystack's open source initiative is to develop naming conventions and classifications for building equipment and related operational data. The Haystack community defines standardized data models for sites, equipment, and points related to energy, HVAC, lighting, and other environmental systems. Leading companies are adopting the Haystack standard to reduce the cost of implementing solutions for their customers and extend the range of applications that can easily interact with smart device data. Contemporary Controls would like to thank those who orchestrated another successful Project Haystack event.

See George Thomas share his technical knowledge with a live product presentation that covers the latest technology recently displayed at Haystack Connect 2015.


Cochran Mini-Summit Brought Hundreds Together to Explore the Latest Niagara Solutions

The recent 2015 Niagara Mini-Summit hosted by Cochrane Supply, brought together hundreds of manufacturers, integrators and end users from throughout the United States and Canada to explore the latest solutions available from the Niagara community. The bi-annual, mini-summit is for Cochrane customers, most of whom are extremely knowledgeable about Tridium's Niagara Framework and Sedona Framework product lines. This year, Contemporary Controls presented several open source products including the BAScontrol20 - Open Sedona Controller, which is a prime example of an open controller defined by Contemporary Controls. The device is BACnet/IP compliant, incorporates a Sedona Virtual Machine and can be programmed using Niagara Workbench or with a Sedona Tool. It is available to systems integrators without restriction. Firmware Version 3.1 was recently released with no increase is product price. Contemporary Controls would like to thank the Cochrane Supply Mini-Summit event planners and organizers. It was another great Cochrane Mini-Summit with sharing and learning with customers and industry peers.

To learn more about the products we displayed, you can visit our Haystack Event Page and Niagara Mini-Summit Event Page, or download the show handout.

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