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Nominate Contemporary Controls for Best Video!

ControlTrends AwardsNovember 2016 - It's the start of awards season - the Oscars, the Golden Globes and most importantly, the ControlTrends Awards! The nomination process is now open for ControlTrends Awards and Contemporary Controls is pleased to be included in many categories. But our biggest honor is having our "Understanding BACnet Series" included in the nominations for "ControlTrends Most Impactful Video of the Year".

Contemporary Controls has always been committed to improving the innovation and technological advances of the industry by providing as much free educational material as possible. The Understanding BACnet Series is an 8-part educational video series that is intended for those who are encountering BACnet for the first time or those who simply wish to review basic BACnet concepts. With over 56,000 views on YouTube, it is our most popular video.

If you've enjoyed the video, please nominate us under the category "ControlTrends Most Impactful Video of the Year" using the following link:

By nominating us, you will not be subscribed to additional mailings and your information will not be shared. You will automatically receive a voting ballot when it's time to vote for the finalist in December.

Be sure to pass along the link to the nomination ballot to your co-workers and colleagues, too.


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