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Use your BACnet Router to Improve Security and Performance

November 2016 - November's BACnet International Journal published an article titled "Use your BACnet Router to Improve Security and Performance" written by our Research and Development Manager, Bennet Levine. Here's an excerpt:

Not only can your BACnet/IP to MS/TP router allow BACnet/IP devices to communicate with MS/TP devices, it can also improve network security and improve performance by providing more flexible networking options. The BACnet standard outlines optional security features that greatly improve BACnet security. However, if your devices do not support these optional security features, there are other options available.

Read the full article at BACnet International Journal.

The article mentions several new features available on our BASrouterLX firmware 1.3.0, including

  1. Allowlist
    You can indicate which IP devices can communicate through the BASrouterLX to the MS/TP network. Generally, any BACnet client, including BDT, can access to any point on any device. The allowlist can control which BACnet/IP clients can discover and read/write points on the MS/TP devices.
  2. MS/TP Backbone
    When this is enabled you can use MS/TP as a backbone between BASrouterLX routers.
  3. Backward routing
    Usually when the BASrouter or BASrouterLX is used the client is on the BACnet/IP network and the servers are on the MS/TP network. When customers have the client on the MS/TP network and servers on BACnet/IP there can sometimes be issues. Enable MS/TP backbone and this will help in those cases.
  4. I-Am Broadcast Control
    Some simple MS/TP devices can be overwhelmed by a lot of I-Am traffic. We can block all I-Am traffic to the connected MS/TP network (when enabled).

Download the latest firmware here, or visit the BASrouterLX product page to learn more.


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